Ecstatic Portals is a one-of-a-kind pitstop for surfers of inter-dimensional bliss waves.

Crafted by our team of digital artists, these ecstatic realms of beauty and delight are here for you to experience. There are places in us that are never satisfied with what the media offers us. We have deeper , more passionate, more exotic and exquisite desires and dreams that we cannot quite give form to, but which haunt us like an unspoken promise.

It is to all that unrequited longing that Ecstatic Portals is addressed. We will take you into uncharted realms of sensuality and mysticism. Think of Ecstatic Portals as doorways into a playground of your fantasies and desires. Revel in the exquisite visions and sounds in the infinite domains of the Goddess.

The first preview of Ecstatic Portals can be viewed on the Goddess Juice dvd. It will also be available for viewing off this site and the GoddessChannel site in the very near future.
Goddess Juice DVD Release Party:

Los Angeles, Aug 22nd at the El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Blvd. Email us for ticket info.

(brought to you by Sean Healy Presents)

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